What is FORMED?   FORMED is an exciting new gateway to the best Catholic teaching videos, books and audio talks to deepen your relationship with Christ and His Church.   All in one place.   Accessible on most smart phones, tablets, and computers.

Have you wanted to be able to share more with others, but felt you were lacking in knowledge? Through this website,  you’ll be able to learn more about the Catholic faith and refresh and strengthen you own relationship with God. You will learn through beautiful videos, music and notable Catholic speakers and educators, and will be able to read further on the topics through links provided.

FORMED is a game changer, a real immersion of faith! We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this excellent resource and learn more about our faith so that we live out our faith more deeply and  share it with others.  The Petersburg Parish  subscription includes the following (and more) for FREE:

YDisciple: For Youth ♦ Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained 

Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage ♦ Lectio-Peter:  Cornerstone of Catholicism

Lectio - Eucharist: By  Dr. Brant Pitre ♦ Catholicism: By Bishop Robert Barron

33 Days to Morning Glory Footprints of God: With Steve Ray

Ignatius Press e-books and Movies Lighthouse Catholic Media Audio

We transform the world for Christ and His Church by first transforming and educating ourselves. May Petersburg find the light, movement, and calling of  the Holy Spirit as we grow more fully in faith.



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